Procedures of gold panning


Lines of dish are to be at the top, please hold it with both hands like this.


Placer gold has sunk to the bottom of the water. Please pull dish to scoop up a lot of the sand at the bottom.


Please place plate horizontally and shake, rotate plate as shown to put placer gold at the bottom of the sand.


While tilting the dish at an angle, please turn it around as drawing a circle, the upper sand will be washed away.


On the way, please place dishes horizontally, in the same way as you did earlier,please turn around like steering wheel.


Please repeat these procedures.If there is gold placer, gold will be caught by the stopper like this.


Important point is to scoop plenty of sands at the beginning and shake and rotate well.


Gold pieces collected by guests can be used for Key chain and pendant for souvenir.